House Party at the Dyckman Projects II

Published July 6, 2012 by Sandee


With their own forces contained, the teenaged girls at the outer rim of the circle anticipated a glorious physical reaction once the break dancers, Zack and Caleb, started their duel at the nucleus.  At the climax of the record, the break dancers were further driven by pheromones coming from the beauties.  Furiously competing, Zack and Caleb writhed, dropping intermittently, bouncing in their own stylized way back up from the floor.  They owned the prowess of athletes.  Zack raised a palm inches from Caleb’s grimace, a hyperbolic traffic cop motion to express his authority to stop the brother, letting him know that he was no competition.  Gripping the burgundy Kangol on his head, Caleb vibrated in his place like a jackhammer his lips flapping  along for the ride.  Along with the essence of pheromones, wafting over the dancer’s heads were synthetic fragrances, Wind Song, spearmint and cherry gum.  “Peace will come this world will rest, once we have to-geth-ernesssss, agggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!”



8 comments on “House Party at the Dyckman Projects II

    • Thanks for the encouragement. I did start this and the other ‘House Party…’ one as part of a novel — a fantastical coming of age story — but I don’t know what it’s about. I appreciate the feedback — it helps me a great deal.

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