Georgia O’Keefe

Published June 26, 2012 by Sandee


You shouldn’t wear those earrings here.  At work.


They look like, clitorises, hanging from your ears, that’s why.

They’re Georgia O’Keefe.

She didn’t make earrings.

Okay Georgia O’Keefish.  A designer based one of her paintings on the design.  I bought them at a street fair.

Well, you just corroborated what I said — she didn’t make earrings.

These earrings just celebrate her – look, look at them.  Want to touch?

They just look… (fondling them).

They look…what?

These earrings are, very provocative.

I can’t help it if you’re getting turned on by my earrings — they’re just pretty peach colored flowers in a pointed oval shape with protruding petals in the middle.  What if they were painted another color, like black?

They’d look like black clitorises then.

Aw c’mon Barry even black women don’t have black pus – I mean black clitorises – well some are darker, but not like pitch black.

How do you know?  You can’t just go by yours.

Okay so now we’re talking about my vagina – at work.

You’re the one who started it.

No.  You are.  You said my earrings look like clitorises.  I’m just wearing pretty pink colored flowers.

42 comments on “Georgia O’Keefe

  • Well, that was sort of her intention with her paintings. It’s not her or your fault that other people aren’t mature enough to deal with some strong female symbolism without acting like pervs.

  • Omg that was too funny! And what was even funnier is when I found out it was all a fabricated dialog in ur head based off a pair of pretty pink earrings! Love u to pieces Ms Sandee

  • Damn! Here I was- ready to apply for a job at your work place based on that hilarious conversation.
    The reason why it’s so funny is because it’s so true-like: one day all of our thoughts will be broadcast, all of our endearing perversities exposed!

  • Love this! So glad to know others know of the great lady. Life and Art so connected… I really like your imagination and the way it works.

    • Welcome back after your Summer Solstice celebration! Also it’s good to be busy — no? Today was my day off and I had alllll these plans. I went jogging this morning, and had the plumber come by after. I suddenly got real tired so took a nap at around 1:30 — I just woke up at 5:40 or so! What?! This sucks! I was so busy yesterday I think my body made me pay for it today! I’m glad you’re back in the ‘hood!

    • Ahaha! — I like clitori better! This is true about the clothes they’re wearing these days — at least with these earrings they’d be able to educate people about anatomy — I don’t think some women dare to venture down there to see what they’re own look like — hahahaha — I think the Vagina Monologues talked about stuff like this.

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