A Pot of Boiling Oil in the 9th Circle of Hell

Published June 22, 2012 by Sandee


Some of you may have read my post about the shriveled bat that I tried forcibly helping down the steps.  While I actually didn’t force-help Methuselah down the steps, I should have backed off when she said she could crawl to the banister by herself.  To give a summary of that post, ‘blibbity, bop, clop, cloppity, clack, crack’ is the sound we made when we both fell after she linked her arm into mine to accept my ‘forced help’.  I had asked if she was hurt, if she needed an ambulance – no and no she said.  Frankly I thought the shit was kind of funny.  Eh.  But it seems now that this woman is blaming me for her fall — yes, one might perceive that it was my fault, if they want to look at it that way.  This woman had become friendly with me, told me all these stories– so I was concerned when I saw her trying to get down the stairs.  A few days ago I helped another old woman off of the bus — I will never help another old person again, unless they beg!  This old woman is indeed a devious person who will in a matter of minutes, as she’s 200 years old, die and be relegated to a pot of boiling oil in the 9th circle of hell.  This is all I’ll say.

On a day of hormonal fluctuation and premenopausal body morphing issues, I feel like a big fat dumbass who should have known better.  But guess what?  I was the only one who got the final Jeopardy answer — Taj Mahal bitch!

19 comments on “A Pot of Boiling Oil in the 9th Circle of Hell

  • I saw Jeopardy tonight too, Sandee!! Mr. Weebles and I were like “TAJ MAHAL, people!!!” I couldn’t believe NOBODY got it.

    Meanwhile, what the F about this woman blaming you for her fall?? Is she out of her mind?? I cannot believe this. I seriously cannot. She’s not coming after you legally or anything, is she? She better not be. Because I’ve got a Dutch Oven and I’m not afraid to fill it with oil and put it on the fire for you.

    My Dad was right: no good deed ever goes unpunished.

    • Ahahahaa! I put my hand out to the computer for you to slap me five on the Jeopardy answer!! Yeah!!

      But about the bat — I don’t know if she’s trying to start legal proceedings but I’m trying not to worry too much because it will take energy away from me. Thanks for your support. I appreciate it. I never knew what that saying ‘no good deed…’ meant before today!

    • I calmed down a bit from this and realized that she just might need to gather information in case she has any physical thing flare up so that she’ll have coverage. I hope to be an old person (and this is around the corner) who is at peace.

    • And this, in turn, Le Clown has made me laugh! Who knows better than a clown about the absurd, tragic, and darkly humorous nature of life — laugh clown laugh! That’s all we have! I’m glad you get it. No apologies, please…

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