A Sword-Chinned B***h’s Answers to That Fred Guy’s W**dP**ss Challenge

Published June 14, 2012 by Sandee

Hello everyone, here are my answers to the WordPress challenge from That Fred Guy, yeah, THAT GUY:

What makes me unique and how does my blog showcase that?                                

Oh no no no no no — I’m not unique!  I have some, unique interests, yes?  I’m a black girl who likes death metal– no, no – I’m a middle-aged black girl who likes death metal.  While a lot of the old dm bands are middle-aged, the audience is generally made up of young white males but I don’t give a crap about that.  They’re nice chaps who think of me as Auntie Sword-Chinned Bitch \m/.  Okay, so I also want to have a society based on the barter system – that might be unique.  Okay?

What drives me to blog?

What drives me to blog is my book.  Do you like my writing?  Well then, you’ll like my book.  Do you like ass?  Do you like cake?  Well then you’ll love my book!  I hope you like my blog enough where you’d at least consider going to the bank and taking out .99 cents to buy my book.  But while blogging to promote my ass cake book, I’ve become cyber pen pals with Fred, SSG and a bunch of other nice folks from around the world – I never anticipated that.  So, nevermind about the book – no, no, no don’t forget about my book.

What irks me about blogging?

It cuts into my cake-eating activity.

How does blogging aid me in standing out from the crowd?

I can say that I communicate with people from around the world on a daily basis.  I can lie and say that I know them all personally, that I’m special in that regard and have international secrets…

31 comments on “A Sword-Chinned B***h’s Answers to That Fred Guy’s W**dP**ss Challenge

  • Auntie Sandee,
    What drives me to your blog? The pink colour… And… your humour… And… your kindness… And… your wit…. And… your friendship to SSG and Fred… And… Well, that’s fucking enough.
    Le Clown

  • I just want you to know that as old-school as I am about my books, and as much as I dislike the whole e-book thing (I know, I’m basically Grandma), I am going to be purchasing your book and stealing Mr. Weeble’s Kindle so I can read it. That’s what’s up.

    And of course you’re unique. What is with all you people thinking you’re not unique? Also, I like your barter system idea. Want me to make you a cake?

  • YAY! for death metal \m/
    Ok, I must admit while I used to listen to it, I am not angry enough any more to truly enjoy it.

    And I am totally game for the barter system… I will bake you a flourless, sugarless cake… cool?

    • Thanks Howler! I’m glad somebody else appreciates it! Unfortunately, it still works for me. There’s some of it that’s rather artistic and progressive as well — I love it all! I’m going to be that weird old lady trying to bang it up in the mosh pit! I’ve never had a flourless, sugarless cake but I’ll try anything ‘cake.’

  • I think you’re awesomely unique Sandee. I’ve never met (met) anyone quite like you. You posses all the important qualities a decent person must have, in order to call itself a person. I’m still sure we’re sisters, though it would cause a stir. But rather cause a stir than being bored. Sorry to hear how blogging is conflicting your cake eating scheme. I have successfully fusioned blogging with eating, I call Bleating. And blogging and smoking too, which of course is called Smogging. When I blog and drinking at the same time, I just call it stupidity.

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