“Compassion for another is becoming part of her functioning life system.”

Published June 12, 2012 by Sandee

I was on the bus.  An acquaintance boarded.  “How’re you doing?”  I said.  She had the darkest aura, the saddest expression on her face.  She shrugged with a wry smile, stuck her hand out and shook it to indicate the ‘so, so’ gesture.  It looked like she wanted to smile, but couldn’t.   “Oh no,” I said.  I let her be then.  I didn’t run to sit next to her in the two-seater to chat it up.

Later she stood in front of my seat preparing to get off of the bus.  She slumped over the partition in front of the exit door in the back.  I looked at her dejected posture and said, “I hope things get better.”  “Well…  I don’t know…  it’s not good,” she said.  She continued sadly, “By the way I read your book.  It scared me a little but I liked it.”   I thanked her for reading my book and said, “I’ll be putting the good vibes out in your direction.”  I touched her hands.  I wished that I could make whatever was wrong with her go away.  For the rest of the ride I imagined what might be wrong.  It made me sad and my eyes watered.

Earlier I had seen another acquaintance with a sad aura.  A very young woman.  She was wispy and fragile.  A beautiful girl.  I know that she had experienced trials in the past and I remembered that because of the energy that I received from her at that moment.  I asked how she was doing and noticed her eyes.  There was something in there that made me sad.  Again I wanted to cry.

I thought about the empathic creature in this old Star Trek episode.  She puts her hands on a person to feel their pain.  This is what I felt like yesterday:

17 comments on ““Compassion for another is becoming part of her functioning life system.”

  • That Empath episode always ruins me. I know what you mean with this, Sandee–it hurts to see friends who are in a bad way and you just want to make it better. It’s almost worse when they don’t tell you what’s going on but you just know from the expression in their eyes and the way they talk (or don’t talk).

  • Oh you’ve seen this episode before — cool! I just want my friends to know I’m there if they need me having to do a lot of talking. I have a couple of friends that don’t do a lot of blabbering on the phone — I don’t speak to them much, but when the shit really goes down, they’re the first ones there.

      • Your post today got me…i was talking to a friend yesterday about another friend, who might have gotten a divorce but we aren’t sure and my this friend on the phone was saying we need to reach out to each other more…and i understood where she was coming from, but sometimes for some of us it’s so hard…i know for me it is, very hard…even now more than ever knowing i have my own issues i am dealing with…so much hurt…

      • I know what you mean about it being hard to reach out, especially when I have my own shit to deal with — but sometimes I remind myself that when I’m going through something it might be better to be outside of myself, to help somebody else, or to be there for someone else. It’s interesting how that works sometimes to help you settle your own problems. When you do something for someone else without looking for anything in return — that’s cool…

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