Extreme Love From An Insane Auntie

Published June 10, 2012 by Sandee

  Antie Sandee

   They tried escaping.

   They giggled and squirmed while I squeezed the blood circulation from their torsos.

   They have teeth marks on their arms…

I held their hands in a vice-grip and was blue because their fingernails snapped off.

I kissed their cheeks and their faces turned shades of teal which was very bad and made their father mad.

I steal my own money to buy them things.

Their mama snatched the little one away as I began to pop off his head with a headlock of love…

When I visit they scamper to the door never ever are they mindful that I shall do this once more…



30 comments on “Extreme Love From An Insane Auntie

  • They are boys — thanks Mme. Weebles for the compliment! It’s fun being around them but exhausting too and I love it. If my sister lived closer I’d be there every day and her husband — who’s a great guy — would hate me!

  • You’re the best kind of Auntie there is–the one that plays like a kid. I hope you also give them toys with lots of small parts that require assembly and make lots of noise. And then go home.

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