Uhhhh…yeah…I, ah…

Published June 9, 2012 by Sandee

I wonder what you bloggers are like all fleshed out.  How do you smell?  Do you have armpit odor? – I love armpit odor.  What color are your auras?  It’s hard to tell from the mini-faces that come when you like my post.  I uploaded Grandma Hattie’s painting for mine.  I hope you like it but if you don’t it’s okay.

Me, well, I’m everything you’d imagine.  Why I’m all, well, kind of…  I’m a biped.  I wear light fragrance.  But I don’t know what I smell like really – it’s kind of hard, you know, being inside of your own body, to smell what you smell like…  I don’t use deodorant.  I use a mineral.  Sometimes it doesn’t work.  When that happens I have, armpit odor.  Um… kinky hair…  My skin has a sheen on it, and, I’m a kind person, actually – brown with round eyes…  Uhhh…yeah.  I, ah — English is my mother tongue.  I speak it fairly well and I know phrases and curse words in other languages. That’s how I’m describing myself now.  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it.

35 comments on “Uhhhh…yeah…I, ah…

  • Love the picture and your hair too…I have kinky hair but it’s so coarse my hairdressers curse under their breath when making my hair lol…yea don’t know how I smell either…funny I was thinking of you when I used a little spray on my armpit this morning. Thanks for sharing some of you…I enjoyed reading :).

  • I love it when blogger friends share things about themselves. You look fine girl. Your hair looks great. I am white and my hair is so curly and course thatI can’t do anything with it but just let it air dry. I have so much grey too. Im getting ready to get rid of that though, at least for a few weeks lol. Thanks for sharing this;-)


    yeah, um.. I… well, my mother tongue is not English so I have an accent – which I hate, but apparently the bear likes it so I guess that’s OK.

    I don’t have armpit odour. I don’t sweat much. That’s part of my problem cause it is one of the reasons why I overheat in the summer, cause I don’t sweat enough to cool me down. But that also means that I never smell either.

    I don’t have kinky hair but when the humidity comes, I become the pink panther after accidentally falling in the drier

  • Sandee,
    If Le Clown wouldn’t wear End of World-strength deodorant, his kids would never want to be close to him… I’ve been told my armpits are somewhat lethal after a day of work. But what do others know, right?
    Le Clown

  • I am cursed with hair the exact opposite of yours–super fine and thin, only a little wave at the ends. I keep it short because it just lays on my scalp like a dead rodent otherwise. I am pale to the point of a slight vitamin D deficiency (Irish-French Canadian heritage, sunscreen is my friend). My armpits smell like, well, armpits. When I shave regularly, they stink less because there’s nothing for the smell to get caught in.

    Oh, and you look fabulous, dahling!

  • This is very inspiring Sandee… I think I’ll try to make a description of myself too. If I can 🙂 Love your description, especially all the ummm’s and uhhh’s 😉 Totally agree on the natural smell… what’s up with all that perfume? They add perfume to everything nowadays, even the garbage bags!! Some people plug the shit into electrical outlets too. It’s rather disgusting and quiet awful to think, that our natural smell has become such a nono.

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