Guys, There’s Left Over Food in the Conference Room!

Published June 8, 2012 by Sandee

We knocked each other over for baskets ‘o mini muffins hawked on by wealthy patrons!  We ran over there like a herd of boars after that board meeting.  I saw yous!   We made several trips back to those baskets — gadamm greedy bastids!  Savages!  You’d think we’d never seen a mini muffin before, think we hadn’t eaten in days!

I’d like to give a little shout out to Our Friendly Office Caterer for allowing us to scrounge over leftover dried up bagels, spat upon croissants and luke warm coffee.

19 comments on “Guys, There’s Left Over Food in the Conference Room!

  • Lol and rolling on the floor…free food is always “good” even if it is dried up bagel i guess lol. You are so funny it is beyond good. I love that you post at night, gets me laughing right to bed lol. Perhaps every one had been fasting from the day before knowing there would be “food” after the conference

  • It really is hilarious how people swarm like locusts over free, picked-over conference room meeting food. Mmmm! Dried out cheese and crackers! Halves of mystery meat sandwiches! Some sort of wilted salad! What sort of pastries are these? Doesn’t matter, I’ll cram them down anyway!

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