The Crazy B*tch Blog

Published June 7, 2012 by Sandee

I’m renaming my blog.  “The Crazy Bitch Blog,” I think.  I’ve written about being aroused by a ninety year old man, euthanasia mobiles and about getting approval from the neighborhood bum. There are other things but I don’t want to make it worse on paper.

Today I wanted to write about erotic armpit odor — this is no pretense, no cheesy shock value effort (like the title of my book – ha!) – help please…  After hanging out with some very normal people lately, I’ve been able to evaluate myself, to look at my past.  Why did I find the necessity of creating my own planet?  No seriously, this isn’t funny anymore.

Yours truly,


30 comments on “The Crazy B*tch Blog

  • Ha ha ha, i know you said it’s not funny anymore but this made me laugh… the new name isn’t bad at all…armpit odor hmmn i can’t help with that lol. You are toooooooo funny

  • There’s a good story about Napoleon writing to Josephine while he was away at war, and he said to her, “I will return to Paris tomorrow evening. Don’t wash.” So you’re obviously onto something, it’s not odd at all. You’re not crazy! But I do love the new blog name.

  • You know, there are stranger things to be turned on by. And “normal” is such a lie. If everyone is so freakin’ normal, then why are there so many weirdos out there? By being your weird self, you are helping set the new ideal for normal. Rock on sister!

    • I’ve heard about those ‘stranger’ things — tee hee! Yes, I have to be me I suppose. The trick is accepting it. On Monday I do, on Thursday I might not — that’s how it goes sometimes… Thank you PM!

  • Nao! What’s this about? What’s wrong with having ones own planet huh? I think you’ve hanged out with very normal people too much. Normal people overload it’s called….
    Ahh I just recall your crush on a very young man…

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