Ink.[Anette]’s Tee-Shirt is Great!

Published June 6, 2012 by Sandee

Hello Everyone!

I got an Anette tee-shirt!  It fits great and looks marvelous.  I had four pictures taken and I looked like a bobble-head in all of them, so I cropped my head out of it.  Too bad because I was wearing great earrings. Anyway, Anette, my compliments to you, the artist/designer!

This landlubber will be parading around the town wearing this original design…



23 comments on “Ink.[Anette]’s Tee-Shirt is Great!

  • Oh Sandee. Thank you so much for buying one of my t-shirts and posting you photo 🙂 If I could sing, I would sing a song for you now. Girl you look awesome! If that’s bobble-head, then I suffer from balloon-head. That picture is PERFECT. Love your earrings too. Love love love ♥ May I use your un-cropped picture in my reblog?

      • You look fantastic! You’re a beautiful woman, and it shows in your photo. I love that you love my stuff Sandee. Thanks for promoting and supporting my shop ♥
        I have fallen in love with land, but it’s a tough transition. Not completely settled yet.

  • Reblogged this on Ink. and commented:
    BREAKING NEWS: Thanks to Sandee, the Sword-chinned Bitch from Manhattan, our mutual lack of interest is now being shared in New York. Yay! Thank you Sandee you are a darling ♥

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