Have Some More Ass Cake

Published June 3, 2012 by Sandee


I’m not naïve. But why is my ‘Have some of my ass cake’ post popular?  It doesn’t have actual ass in it just pictures of nice cakes.  There isn’t any porno.  One of the popular tags that people follow leading them to my blog is ‘ass’.  I had no idea ass was popular – I thought it was tits people preferred – well maybe I should try a tits post and see how many folks hit that up. And it won’t be about actual titties, it’ll be about the suckling teats of a rhinoceros.  I’m trying to imagine what people think a post called ‘Have some of my ass cake’ is about.  Do they think the ‘cake’ part means I’m saying that my ass is sweet?  Maybe they think it’s sex talk:  ‘Comere baby, gimme some of that ass cake lovin’.  Yeah, you know what I’m here for?  Some of that big ‘ol ass cake, bitch — yer!”

36 comments on “Have Some More Ass Cake

  • Oh you are wicked funny lol…love it :). Yea I always thought titties got more attention…let us know if you get more hits now that you have mentioned titties…I saw someone post on their facebook status, that a wordpress blogger had tagged their posts with clit pictures, sex, breats etc…except the post was about something else…lol, i thought it ws funny but apparently this person was pissed. Great post as always lol…those cakes look good.

  • sad but true – the most visited post i ever wrote was called ‘pictures of my dick’ even though there were none. i think i’m just gonna tag every post with ‘ass’ and ‘tits’ etc now 😉

  • I’m typing Dirty Sanchez, Cincinnati Bowtie, Cleveland Steamer, Glass Bottom Boat, dirty pillows and rancid dog food here to see if this post gets more views based on search queries for them. You’re welcome.

    It’s a slightly creepy reminder that Views on our stats don’t really mean much. Now, if WP was only counting views based on a certain amount of time as a minimum on each post, then they’d mean something.

  • C’mon, Sandee, you know guys love a good booty, right? I mean sure, there’s tits, but there’s also ass. It’s like chocolate and peanut butter. You might love them separately, you might prefer one over the other, some love them combined. T and A make the world go around.

    • Oh I thank you for nominating me DB! And congratulations to you! Please excuse me for being a spaz but what I want to do is figure out how to accept the couple of awards I’ve received then put them in an “awards” widget on my side bar. Have a good night…

  • I think it’s the combination of the two. People come here looking for a picture of a cake that looks like a nice round ass (thus combining food and porn, everyone’s two favorite things).

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