Red Leather Wedge Shoes

Published May 30, 2012 by Sandee

My train ride wasn’t so hellish today.  There was a mummy with her baby on there.  It was screeching.  It looked like a monkey – oh it was so, cute!  I looked at it and smiled.  Its mummy fed it crackers.  I was calm and giving out good vibrations because of it.  I don’t enjoy the trains they usually have on the A line because the doors at either end are locked.  They make me feel like I’m in a coffin.  The train I was on today was an old one.  These trains have doors that open on either end so you can walk through them to the next car, or take a piss between them.  Years ago on my way back from The Bottom Line with my boyfriend and another couple, I had to pee.  We were drunk.  On one of these trains, we all went between the cars, so that they could guard me so I could pee unseen.  It was winter and freezing cold between the cars.  They sang while I pissed, “Don’t freeze your booty hole!”  Good times…good times…

So it was nice, having to do this difficult errand and being given a big old silver train to ride.  I listened to the baby screeching and looked at different passengers.  The man across from me had a horrible patch of psoriasis on his arm, but I said, hey, I have a rash on my arm too, from food allergies, I’m guessing.  I must take care of it soon. There was a nice-looking woman wearing a short skirt and some old scraped up red leather wedge shoes.  The shoes were cool looking, high.  The wedge part was red leather as well and the toe part was like a pump shoe.  The rest of the woman’s clothes weren’t beaten up, only the shoes were.  She allowed me to look at her – she didn’t look back defensively, or give off a ‘why is this bitch looking at me vibration.’  So I looked at the monkey baby, the man with the rash and the lady with the red shoes between thinking about my mission.  When the train pulled into 59th Street, the man sitting next to the woman in the red shoes told her that he liked her shoes too!  It was good to see that somebody else ‘got’ that kind of a look.

16 comments on “Red Leather Wedge Shoes

  • I haven’t stopped in in a while. I can’t likely keep up with reading your blog, but I read down about 4 entries.

    You are a great writer. I’m really blown away. I’ll try to come back more often. twinkly

  • I haven’t seen an old school A train in a long time. Usually just old school C trains. Anyway, cool story — some people can just rock certain looks. I try not to stare but some people just look good!

    • It’s nice to see another city girl familiar with the trains and all that! I love those C trains and since I’m claustrophobic in the orange and yellow ones, sometimes I’ll forgo the express and take the local if I’m feeling particularly yangy! Thanks Mme. Weebles! You know those red shoes were just my style too…

  • What others would have deemed a train ride from hell (screeching baby, visible skin lesions), you turned into an upbeat trip. And even managed to infuse pee-pee humor. My kind of gal. 🙂

  • This is the second time today that I’ve had red leather shoes put into my head (the idea of them, not the actual shoes. That would be awkward.) It makes me think that I need to go out and buy some.

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