A Review of My Book By a Very Respectable Reviewer

Published May 29, 2012 by Sandee

My Mommy:

Some of your insights are really brilliant.  Genius I think.  You write better than Doestoevsky!  The way you capture a character, the depth of it requires rare talent. Very, very good Sandee!  That’s my wittle Sandee boo boo!  Who’s a good girl?  Who’s a litowawee genius?  That’s wight, YOU are!  That’s a baby girl!  YES!  Woo woo woo!

34 comments on “A Review of My Book By a Very Respectable Reviewer

    • I think anybody would appreciate reading a story with an Amish man in that situation! I’ll be your mom would enjoy it. I meant to tell you that was hilarious — also what a coincidence — I’ve been having conversations about the Amish communities lately, even recommended to someone last week, that they rent the movie about the Amish called Witness! We’re on the same page!

      • Actually, that’s not really my novel–I was just having some fun; trying to make my post less technical and more interesting (though the story itself is true!). I’m not sure Jacob and I could carry a novel to the end. 😉 And I doubt I’d be welcome in any Amish communities for research purposes after that horrifying display. 🙂

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