“It’s against the law! I’m calling the police!”

Published May 27, 2012 by Sandee

Mona! C’mon, get outta here like this!”

“I’m working dammit — can’t you see.”

“You can’t sit at your desk wearing that tiara, butt naked.”

“Why? I do good work and I come in on time, you fucker.”

“It’s against the law! I’m calling the police!”

“Ahahahahaha! You fuckers always get your panties in a bunch. I’m a goddamned good worker who produces good work — I don’t fight coworkers and I always recycle.”

“You think this is a nudist colony?”

“No, do you? You think it’s prison — you think it’s a tribunal — you think it’s a dictatorship — you think it’s your own planet.  Kiss my naked ass you sap-sucking son of a bitch!”

“Oh yeah?”

“You won’t do it because it ain’t in the protocol. That’s the one thing I hate about you, Fred!”

“Mona, for chrissakes people are coming, please put some clothes on!”

Mo-naah, for chrissakes people are coming, please put some clothes on. Wah wah, waaahhh! I want my momma — I want my bobo — I want my caca — I want my pee pee — I want my doo doo!”

You sicken me!”

25 comments on ““It’s against the law! I’m calling the police!”

  • First off, I woke up this morning and thought, I missed her post last night…or maybe she didn’t post…maybe I was too drunk lol. Reading this now, I’m glad i missed it last night, cos I have just laughed my big head off lol. The last paragraph is epic funny, I can just picture you doing it LOL!!! Are you on twitter? I swear I am not a stalker lol…great post dear, great post lol

    • Thanks BB! Sad to say I could picture me doing it too! Thanks mega much for being a great audience again. You know I am on twitter but I haven’t tweeted anything yet. I’m a Luddite — my sister told me to go on fb, to start blogging and to start twittering, so I have to warm up to actually doing it. But I do have an account and a couple of followers! Thanks again!

  • I have wanted a tiara for ages. I’d look so awesome at work nursing patients with a tiara. I’d be Princess Nurse Carrie. I am also not sure about the nakedness though. There has to be some health and safety implications there!!

  • The irreverence of your blog makes me happy every time I read it. Thank you 🙂 Now put some clothes on, you aboriginal-in-an-office!!! (JK – I hate clothes, they’re bloody confining!

  • Sitting buck naked writing at the kitchen table wearing a tiara.. Haha! Hubby would love it! Not so sure about the 16 year old, think l’d get an “OMG!” Lol

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