I like it.

Published May 22, 2012 by Sandee

Coke or Pepsi?


Charmin or Scott?


Beatles or Stones?



Mick Jagger is intriguing, especially that mystique and sexual ambiguity that he had in the sixties and seventies…  But I was never a big fan of the music that he made with the Rolling Stones.  I loved the pretty pictures of him with those big lips, however. Satisfaction fascinated me as a child, the opening with that wicked twang, and there was a dark wildness to it. And later I liked “Little T&A,” especially the tits and ass    part – I couldn’t get over that they played that on the radio.

Mick Jagger no matter what I or anyone else thinks has influenced legions.  And his influence showed when he performed with the Foo Fighters on SNL last Saturday. They performed It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll.  You could see that the Foo Fighters were entranced.  David Grohl was all sweaty and thrashing.  Mick Jagger danced on stage with rhythmic fluidity, but completely out of bounds.  His voice reached down and touched you in your gut and commanded you.  It’s a cliché, but he was a wolf.  My eyes were wide open, watching.  I screamed the lyrics with them because I had to.  (I imagine the show of jumping up and down and screaming I would have put on if I were there.)  Their performance had the power of a southern Baptist revival. Mick Jagger as old as he is had the sexual energy of an ancient oracle, the kind of energy that isn’t common and I could feel it through the television.

19 comments on “I like it.

  • I used to Have Mick pictures pasted all over my bedroom walls as a teen.. Oh I was mad for him. He’s not aged to well in the looks department, but yes he still has that sexy energy 🙂

    • Yes, he still does have it — it makes me wonder though if IT was better when he was younger, hmmm… I don’t know because I do believe the older you get the better in some ways in that area — or maybe that’s just my own wishful thinking. MJ just has that command that’s sooo sexy and even when he acted in the skits (not that well) it was still with a sense of tongue and cheek.

  • During a trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I couldn’t get over how tiny Mick Jagger’s pants were (they were on display). Guess all that jumping around and gyrating burns a lot of calories. 🙂

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