Tee Tee the Magnificent

Published May 20, 2012 by Sandee

May somethingorother, 2012

Her:  Hey, what you having for lunch?

Me:  Well –

Her [cuts me off, does African jerk dance and sings in my face]: — Dick on a stick make you wanna go foo foo! [Turns heel abruptly — marches off.]

Me:  [Yelling out.] You are crazy!

May 19, 2012

Her:  Hey I got these ah, chocolate chip cookies heah.  You wanna have one?  This lady comes heah all the time — she gave ‘em to me.

(Opens see-through plastic container lid and shows me.  They looked normal.)

Me:  I ah — no I’d better not.

Here:  Ya needa gain a little weight there – ya gettin’ a little skinny there.

Later the same day…

Her:  Got some pork on a fork back there ya want some?

Me:  Ah no, thanks…

Her:  [Walks off singing in perfect mimicry, Nina Simone’s “What a Difference a Day Makes.”]

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