My Le Clown Contribution to The Nifty Noet’s Society

Published May 20, 2012 by Sandee


This couldn’t have come at

a better time

because I’ve had Mr. Le Clown

on my mind.

I thought I’d do a post

sayin’ ‘Where ya been?’ and

that I hope all is well up in the

Northern end.

I talk to some nice people in the blogosphere

including you Ms. ink.Anette my dear.

Somehow we keep it going

’till the break of dawn,

but this party ain’t the same

when Sir Le Clown is gone…


33 comments on “My Le Clown Contribution to The Nifty Noet’s Society

  • Awesome Sandee! Very appropriate indeed.

    Where’s the clown?
    Where did he go?
    and will he come back?
    Is he in his igloo still?
    Or did he loose his track?

    We have to keep the party going Sandee 🙂

    • This is great Anette! Yeah, I guess somehow we’ll have to keep it going… Your post, as my poem said, was great timing because I was just thinking today that i wanted to give Le Clown a shout-out — so it was the perfect opportunity!

    • Anette,
      Le Clown took some time off to spend time with The Whispering Petunia on his first week taking Concerta. It was not a good experience. I’ll blog about it soon enough on Black Box Warnings.
      Le Clown

      • Dear Clown,
        I think that was a very wise decision. I’ve heard Concerta is a bad trip. Good to see you back. Hope everything is fine and stabile now.
        P.S. Did you move out of the melting igloo?

      • Dear Clown,
        I was evidently ranting and raving about this whole Concerta thing a little too loudly, and caught the attention of my 12 year old daughter.

        My solution for everything, is to blast whatever the nasty is…with so much light, it just starts to shrivel up, kinda like a witch that’s had a bucket of water thrown on it. (meeellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllltinnnnngggggggggggg!!!)

        My daughter has adopted her father’s more barbaric style of problem solving.
        She would like to know the Le Judges name and place of residence.
        She’s planning to decorate LJ’s house with cheap, chaffing toilet paper. And to write off-color remarks on Le judge’s car with spray paint.

        So, between my light blasting and the vigilante daughter in South Dakota…we got your back.


  • Oh SSG! Hold tight! We had one of those in March and it sucked. I felt like it was the end of the world. People were skipping around ‘Oh spring is here’. I’m thinking, don’t they see something wrong with this heat at this time of the year — oh but I won’t get into that one! I hope you at least have a nice fan to cool you off…

      • It’s kind of scary I know — how people don’t wonder — maybe it’s nothing but on the other hand, it is unusual, this weather — oh well… I’m glad you’re buying a fan — it’ll make you much more comfortable! Enjoy the cool air. I put mine by the window to circulate the air coming from outside better…

  • Sandee,
    Reading your post and Sweet Mother’s post today has brought my ego to new heights! I did not think it was possible, but I will need to make space in our bed for L’Égo of Le Clown. You are sweet, and I will reblog this, of course.
    Le Clown

    • Even better for your ego — probably based on that great slide show on Sweet Mother’s blog, I had a dream about you coming to my house to pick up a bag of McDonald’s!! Ahahahahaha!! How about that, you are in my dreams… That film by the way — hi-lar-ious!! Loved the squirrel…

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