Have Some of My Ass Cake

Published May 18, 2012 by Sandee


The pictures my sister took of me look like ass.  I asked her to please not post them on fb.  Oh, oh, but I’m just waiting for this one that she has to cyber-process or whatever that technical thing you non-Luddites do to turn a picture taken from an IPhone or a Uphone whatever, and transroll it into an email to send to me.  It is a picture of my ass – no not naked.  I’m wearing pants.  ‘Memba, I said I wanted to take a picture of it to see how big it was after eating all that cake?  Aw man you didn’t read my post did you?  That’s okay.  But when she finishes processing, depending on how I feel about it, I’ll post it!  ‘kay?

[No transition whatsoever]

When I started blogging I thought all I had to do was write, lay back and collect followers.  Whew!  Blogging is a lot of damn work.  I had no motherfucking idea!  I also had no idea that it’s a community, a community of distinct personalities.  I didn’t know there’d be so many of you out there.  I went on the blog to tell people about my book, but it’s turned out to be fun!  I’ve met some groovy people whose blogs I really dig.  I don’t ever have to go out and socialize again – I can stay totally hermetically sealed in my apartment talking to you all in here forever…

36 comments on “Have Some of My Ass Cake

  • Fun post, great comments, I don’t have a kindle!!!! I wanna read your book!!!! I started my blog bc I had 3 of my 4 diagnoses dormant for a year & then my doc came up with the brilliant idea of Adderall to help me focus better (professional, telecommuter with 1 day in the city, 5 kids, 3 of them babies, witchy marriage – I was all confused & getting nothing done) & naturally, while no other medications aside from the benz class have ever done anything but worsen symptoms, the Adderall did it’s job BUT I fell into the 0.7% of users who lose their fucking minds – not even under side effects but you had to dig deeper & research the black box warning! Yay! Never in the 50% of people helped by abilify or prozac or any of the 50 other drugs in probably 15 classes of drugs, no, not me, but throw a tiny percentage at me & I’ll land in it. In some circles that would make me a superstar. In this case, it made me want to record what was going on & discern patterns & maybe figure it out & then I connected with a bunch of folks either struggling or hilarious or artistic genius or lucid & insightful. So far so good. Hope you can continue to enjoy it.

    I will post your book link on the haiku page I run on FB (not a very SERIOUS haiku group, more like what you ladies were discussing above – meet groovy folk & have fun). We have close to 550 members since starting in January & we have several published authors, one poet who just published her book last month & I swear half the people bought it (I keep it on my desk & read one every day, she is awesome). We have even more musicians (one of the Thomson Twins, one of the Dead Milkmen, others I can’t think of) but smaller groups too & we advertise & support their shows & actually plan group gatherings for locals in any area if a member has a show. And if a non-member artist friend has a gallery showing I always send a shout out to whatever city with a brief synopsis & pics. So, if you are interested, & a facebook person (I know the lovely Cat is not keen, I can’t escape though), but search “Haiku Wednesday Fiasco” & just request an add & one of our 6 admins will accept. If not I will post it & we’ll see if we can get you some sales!!! (We regularly visit the electronic reading devices vs the good old fashioned printing press debate. I am in the minority, as an old school student of the written word, but once my book is ready for publication (also tales, nuanced) I may change my mind!) Wait, we have an ipad in the house somewhere, can I buy your book on that?

    Sorry, took an adderall an hour ago. In case you’ve never had it – even the smallest available dose can make one extra wordy. Hopefully my posting your amazon link makes up for it.

    Love your site. XO

    • Wow! I really appreciate that you love my site! Glad to be reaching someone out there! I thank you so much for your enthusiasm about my book, and I thank you for your suggestions! Jill, gee whiz, we should take that adderall before sitting down to write a new story — we’d probably produce five chapters in one sitting! I’ll check out “Haiku Wednesday Fiasco” on fb. I hope you do well on your medication. Thanks for following me and I look forward to the news of the publication of your book. Yes indeed, I believe that you can download Kindle books on an ipad. It was nice talking to you and I hope to be reading more about you as well. Take care Jill!

    • lol!! Well, I just might post it — If on that day I have the nerve! I thought about the way I look in photos remembering your post — I call myself ‘rumple dump’ — It made me think of something you said about the way you photograph — which wasn’t true btw — I liked your pictures!

  • Damn those cakes look good. Why do you torment us so? And I agree with Adrienne—you’re a brave soul for even *considering* posting an ass picture. There’s no way I’m letting anyone take a photo of my ass, that’s for sure.

    • Ahahhahahahaa!! And I posted the cakes that I like to look at and imagine taste good! I effin’ loooooove cake! I especially love frosting. You know the Entenmann’s cake? — Well, I like to peel the frosting off of those and eat it! I have been known in the past to buy cans of frosting and eat it straight — oh goodness — I’m telling too much! In my heaven, I could eat all those cakes and not have any physical consequences! Well, stay tuned, we’ll see — I might just post the ass pic!

  • You put up all those cakes for me Sandee? I love the look of them. Thank you ♥ Is this the kind of cakes you eat to get bigger buttocks? I’d say it’s a risk I would take. If only the ass gets bigger and none of the rest… guess not. The world is unfair, when the buttock takes off it all tends to extend. Life is much easier in blogland. I’m so happy you’re here 🙂

    • Anette — you’re one of the first people I met here! You’ve been so kind and and you have a kickass blog! I imagine a studio filled with your images an photographs must be out of this world! Yep, those cakes up there, exactly the kind you eat to get a big buttocks!

      • You’re a darling for using so many superlatives when describing my blog… and me 🙂 In general you are a darling… being pink and all the cakes… If I could get cakes like that here, on this tiny island, I tell you Sandee, my arse would be wider than the airport runway. Wouldn’t mind the cakes though.

  • oh, but the work pays off in dividends of friends…’liking’ your posts, just rack em up, hehehe…seriously glad you’ve entered the sphere, it’s much better out here with you in the mix 😉

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