Published May 17, 2012 by Sandee

Somebody wrote a glowing review of my book on the Amazon site!  You can see the review if you click on the book cover at the side here.   In case you were wondering, my Grandma Hattie made the painting that I turned into the book cover.  I told her the name of my book and she giggled.  I read my stories to her.  She’s 90.  She’s my biggest fan.  My sister put effects on it to make it look like that.  Sometimes I use the bare painting as the header for my blog post.  That’s it up there, a portion of it, huge, looming over my whole page.

My Dad said grandma’s work was folk art.  I have three of her paintings hanging on my wall.  One looks, I swear, like Van Gogh.  If you’ve read a number of my posts you might glean that she’s at the Hebrew Home for the Aged at Riverdale.  It’s a reputable senior home in the posh part of the Bronx (yes, the Bronx!) called Riverdale.  Some of Riverdales’s prominent residents:  Joe Kennedy, Carly Simon and Yvonne DeCarlo.  A lot of rich people live there but I don’t know who they are.  Yvonne DeCarlo was a good actress who played in some good movies in the 4os through the 90s.  But to me she’s always been Lily Munster.

14 comments on “Yay!

  • What a great painting & book cover.. how fortunate you are that you have these pieces by her..
    something tells me your Grandma is fun to talk with 🙂

  • oh no! is Carly Simon old enough to be at an old folks home? or is it like a rehab?
    I was going to ask about the art…
    I like a connection like that to the past.
    and I LOVE when 90 year olds giggle.

  • Thanks Anette! I’m so glad somebody wrote a good review. Hopefully it will inspire others to take a chance on it. You do need a Kindle or an iPad to download it. Thanks for wanting to download it but I may be getting hard copies and I’ll put on my site how to get a copy. The painting is something my grandmother just made up. It isn’t me. I should commission her to paint one of me though!

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