Don’t get involved in other people’s fights on the bus

Published April 27, 2012 by Sandee

An old man got on the bus demanding that a woman in front, in the old people seats give up her kid’s seat for him.  “Can I have that seat?”  He said, pointing to her kid.  The bus was a can of Granadaisa Sardines.  It was hot and I stood in back of the bus, sweating like a bitch on fire.  People were still getting on the bus, squeezing past other passengers and their baggage.  People were twisting around to see what was going on.  From the back I could hear the man because he was yelling.  The woman yelled back, “No!”  “What?!”  The old man said.  “I said no!”  She said back.  He yelled even louder, “I want that seat!”

The woman wouldn’t budge, so a nice lady, who also had no business sitting in the old people seats, gave him hers.  He sat down and screamed to the nice woman who had given him her seat, “I’m sorry.  I just had to sit down.  She should have given me her seat.  I’m sorry.”  He said to the mean woman with the brat then, “You’ll get old and I hope they don’t give you a seat!”

I hate when people who have no business sitting in those seats refuse to get up when old people get on.  Jesus!  It’s printed right on the seats to please let old and handicapped people sit there.  People don’t go to charm school anymore.  They don’t have manners.

An acquaintance of mine was on the bus.  I frowned at him and pointed to the commotion. “That man’s right, those people have no business sitting there.  He’s right!  I hate that!  I hate that!”  I said.  I wagged my finger and shook my head.  I was sweaty and probably looked like a maniac.  My acquaintance’s face was red.  He seemed overwhelmed with the commotion, with the crowded bus, with the heat, with me wagging my finger at him and sweating.  I even riled myself up so much that I got an acid reflux attack.  This was fucked up because I wanted to be on time – I hate being late for work.   The only remedy for the excruciating acid reflux pain was for me to get off the bus a mile and a half before my stop to buy a bottle of water to stop the pain.  So that’s what I did.

The lesson:  I was dumb to get upset over a stranger’s conflict.  I was already imbalanced as this was supposed to be my day off, I was running late, I was uncomfortable and hot, and as usual, had slept very little.  This incident was an easy target for displaced frustration.  God forbid I should have been sitting in the front where I could have caused more of a ruckus being an instigator!

So in the sunlight of the spirit I forgive the stupid bitch who was a peasant raised by wolves.  The poor thing just didn’t know any better.  What does a wolf know?  I should accept people’s shortcomings like the bible says — judge not lest ye be judged – something like this.  She probably didn’t go to charm school.  I didn’t either, but I didn’t have to.  I read “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” which has stuff about manners and what not in there.

12 comments on “Don’t get involved in other people’s fights on the bus

  • Sandee,
    You bring up a very important debate… But also, a question I have been asking myself for a while: why isn’t there any “Please give your seat to a clown” signs? I mean, it’s not because everyone always gets off a bus when they see a clown that we don’t need to be treated as any other passengers…
    Le Clown

  • Oh man, I have had this exact same experience so many times. I can feel my blood pressure going up as soon as I see young, able-bodied people sit in those seats. The other day I was on a crosstown bus and an older man got on, and he had a cane. Do you think any of the assholes in the seats up front got up? Nope. I was standing so I couldn’t give him a seat but I was sorely tempted to bitch-smack the people who were blissfully seated in seats they weren’t really entitled to.

    I feel your pain. It’s hard not to intervene.

  • Oh I love your description of your own physical state. It’s a well painted picture and a funny one. When the acid reflux set in, my laughing got loud. Nonetheless, I can relate to every detail in what you describe. Starting an inner commotion over other peoples behavior is not worth it. People behave like they do for some reason. Mostly they don’t know why themselves.

    • Oh good — I’m glad you got the humor in the acid reflux part — I always hope that what I’m trying to transmit is coming across. I thought that part was funny too! You’re right about people not being connected to why they behave — I try to dig deep but I suppose there’s a limit to how far you can examine yourself.

      • Digging should be kept shallow. When you go to deep, you never know what you’re gonna find. Most things are right below the surface anyway.
        I love your style of writing Sandee. It’s easy to read, you have a lovely way of using words, you have a great sense of humour. You style of creating “images” appeal a lot to me.

  • I swear i am not stalking you but after reading Vagina poem, I had to read more…I should be writing or reading but you had me at “bitch on fire” that was me earlier today…even my lady luck was sweating. #hoysummertimeintheChi

    • Ahahahaha! Oh please! I’m so glad you’re reading my stuff, really! You go through so many blogs sometimes you have to stop and appreciate ones you like to read by going back… I love that line too! I laughed when I typed it… We need to carry one of those mini battery operated fans-:)

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