Kabuki Sandee

Published April 21, 2012 by Sandee

My sister is Egyptian Debbie.  I’m thinking of changing my name from Sword-chinned bitch to Kabuki Sandee…  Maybe.  Oh Damn!  I was supposed to not tell people our secret names.  It works like this — when I die, my sister will get a message from me, from beyond.  They’ll say, how do you know it’s her?  She’ll look at the message written by ghost fingers in the frost on the window, which will read, Kabuki say send T to neurosurgery school — T, he’s my nephew/play son.  Tears stream down her face and she’ll tell the people who think she’s only imagining that I am a ghost who can talk to people from beyond — I just know it’s her…then the grand piano music crescendos and the credits roll.

Origins:  I wear rouge way too high on my face, like a Japanese performer in Kabuki theater.  And my sis, she fancies dark Egyptian Cleopatra eyes when she goes out on the town.

4 comments on “Kabuki Sandee

  • Rouge should always be worn high. It creates sort of a fresh look… like when a mother pinches a child’s cheeks…. strange thing to do by the way. I like Kabukis. Do you wear lipstick Kabuki style too?

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