The Properties of a Buffoon

Published April 7, 2012 by Sandee


I wonder.  Does a person go to hell for laughing and being insensitive about people’s infirmities?  You can use your imaginations regarding the particular infirmities.  But I did, today — now I’m scared.  And I’m a wee bit concerned about bad karma too.  Granted – one of the ‘infirm’ people I believe deserved it – in his rendition of what he thought to be an alpha male, he actually demonstrated the properties of a buffoon. Believe me I have a long history with this person and his buffoonery – I’m not excusing the possibility that I might have been insensitive.  I didn’t laugh in his face – I laughed when I got home, far far away from him.  Damn, I wish I could irreverently relay what the fuck actually happened – I do a pretty damn good impression of this person and his infirmity.

To be fair and understanding of my position – my ninety year old grandma laughs at the people in her senior home all the time.  They’re all infirm.  Oh, but I know, I’m not her.  Right?  Plus she’s a little senile and I’m not (I don’t think).

Okay, well, the other person that I’m referring to I didn’t laugh at.  She actually was old, and her ‘infirmity’ interrupted my morning bus ride to work dammit.  Please have sympathy for me as it was early, I hadn’t slept the night before, and for Christ’s sake, I was going to work!  Bad karma, I imagine, would involve me contracting these very infirmities…

5 comments on “The Properties of a Buffoon

  • The concept of being alone was invented with the sole purpose of laughing about other people. It is not wise to laugh about people infront of other people, both those people you’re laughing about, but also other people. If not immediate achievable, you may at any time, without hesitation, claim momentarily insanity, pmsity or senility.
    You will not go to hell, as hell does not exist. But you may experience a severe case of bad karma. But as bad karma is strictly illustrative, you are advised to ignore.
    Stay happy keep laughing.

  • SCB,
    White Baby Jesus forgives everything. I know, cause I laugh at the holes in his hands and feet all the time when I’m alone – although he hears everything – and tells me not too worry, that life is swell, to have a drink, and perhaps a chocolate bar, to try and be more kind, but not sweat about it.
    Le Clown

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