Halloween 2012

Published April 5, 2012 by Sandee


Could you all please suggest some themes that I could use to decorate my apartment for Halloween this year?   Last year I referred to my apartment as a crypt in my little party invitation for a group that I belong to.  It’s the perfect size for that.  I would much appreciate it and promise to invite you all to the huge party I’m having in a haunted house one day.

The only reason I take my Halloween decorations down is because it would be anticlimactic for the next year if didn’t. It makes me depressed to dismantle the skulls, spider webs, tombstones, bats, rats, black candles, etc.  I only just took my Halloween decorations down in March – one year I waited ‘till April.  Some say it’s a non-holiday, that it’s for kids, that it’s too much candy flying around – fuck that shit!  Last year, my party was a ‘literary’ Halloween party.  I had haunted house sound effects and it was fun.  By candlelight, we read excerpts from classic horror stories, including one that I wrote about ghosts and a man who becomes possessed and chases the protagonist down the street butt naked with a meat cleaver – oh wait – he wears a butcher’s apron – but his dick flaps behind it in the wind – oh wait, I took that part out because it sounded too vulgar.

But anyway, I can’t wait for Halloween this year!  What shall I do this year?  Oh what shall I do? — Maybe a sophisticated Halloween with subtle decorations — maybe with shear swatches of orange and black material draped around my furniture, and sparkly orange and black skulls.  Maybe I’ll just invite a couple of people over at a time for dinner – like people do at X-mas – have drop ins – only we’ll watch horror movies.

There are horror movies that I won’t watch any other time but Halloween, like “The Night of the Living Dead” from 1968, “Carnival of Souls,” and “Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things.”  I like some other horror movies but they don’t have the elements that classify them as Halloween horror movies.

This year, I figure maybe I’ll participate in the parade in Greenwich Village.  I have a great fucking idea for a costume – but it’s a secret.  So please give me some good suggestions for decorating my apartment, and I’ll give you some good suggestions…

Mucho mañana!

8 comments on “Halloween 2012

  • Hello Sword Chinned Bitch 🙂
    Me thinks you should decorate your flat like a pumpkin, the inside of a pumpkin after most of the slimy flesh has been scraped out that you think you’ll make a pie out of but you never dooooooo, except this pumpkin is mouldy and full of bugs who were having a party inside the pumpkin until it got attacked with a knife, so you and your guests can be either bugs or orange slime, the cocktails can be orange and you can recreate the story of James and the Giant Peach but with a bit of porn thrown in 🙂
    Enjoy! Love Bitchpig x

  • Sword-Chinned Bitch (man it hurts to write),
    A Clown themed Halloween. What else really am I going to suggest. Wait.. A Canadian Clown themed Halloween.
    Le Clown, waiting on his invitation

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